Geisinger Health System

Danville, Pennsylvania United States

Assistant, Associate, Full

    July 08, 2023

Geisinger’s new Department of Bioethics and Decision Sciences is recruiting bioethicists and decision scientists at all faculty ranks. Although faculty in the department pursue more traditional research in their respective fields of bioethics and decision sciences — both broadly construed — the department’s unique vision is to bring these fields together to collaborate on research and other activities at the intersection of their interests, especially

on studies of judgments and decision-making in the domains of health, science and innovation. The department is housed in the Research Institute, part of the Geisinger College of Health Sciences, and is embedded in a
large, integrated health system serving more than 1 million people in central and northeast Pennsylvania, headquartered in Danville, Pa. Although successful candidates will primarily conduct externally funded research (both independent and collaborative), there are also opportunities for appropriate candidates to participate in clinical and research ethics consultation, education and system policy development. There are also opportunities for part-time clinical practice and secondary appointment to a clinical department for clinician applicants.

Bioethicists: We are especially, but not exclusively, interested in candidates with expertise in the ELSI of genetics/ genomics, AI/data ethics, or other emerging technologies and in candidates with expertise in any subfield who have empirical training and/or serious interest in incorporating empirical methods into their research programs.

Decision scientists: We define “decision sciences” very broadly. Successful candidates may come from a variety of disciplines (e.g., cognitive, social, moral, or health psychology, behavioral or classical economics, marketing) but should be interested in some aspect of individual or collective decision- making related to health, science or innovation. They should also have strong quantitative skills and be committed to open, reproducible science.

Unique Geisinger programs and resources of interest to bioethics and/or decision sciences research include its Behavioral Insights Team (aka “nudge unit,” which conducts large field experiments and is affiliated with the department); the Steele Institute for Health Innovation, which works to transform healthcare through AI, automation and programs to address the social determinants of health; over 25 years of patient electronic health records; a health insurance plan with more than 500,000 members and associated datasets; an IRB that reflects Geisinger’s aspiration to progress as a learning health system; and a 325,000-member MyCode biobank, which includes genomic sequences of Geisinger’s multi-generational, stable patient population and an active Genomic Screening and Counseling Program that has returned thousands of clinically actionable results to patients and providers.

Applicants should hold a PhD, MD/DO, JD or another appropriate doctoral-level degree. Absent extraordinary circumstances, a history of successful external funding is required for appointment at the rank of associate professor or professor I. Likelihood of such success is required for appointment at the rank of assistant professor, and past funding is preferred. Salary, benefits

and startup funds (where applicable) are competitive. Relocation expenses are available, and we will also consider remotely located faculty with visits to campus at negotiable intervals.

Please send a CV and a letter of interest to Michelle N. Meyer, PhD, JD, chief bioethics officer, associate professor and department chair, at, copying Ms. Shannon Getchey, senior administrative assistant, at Decision scientist applicants should additionally copy Christopher
F. Chabris, PhD, professor and director of Decision Sciences, Questions should
also be directed to Drs. Meyer and/or Chabris. To learn more about the department, visit its website.