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What is Marketing Phd Jobs?

Marketing Phd Jobs organizes information about the marketing academic job market. The goal is to make useful information easy to find.

How is the site organized?

Marketing Phd Jobs tracks positions according to when the position begins. Candidates typically enter the market with expectations to accept a role with a specific target start date, so jobs are organized into market cycles according to the year in which a job begins. Marketing Phd Jobs labels each market cycle as Summer/Fall to reflect that most (though not all) positions begin in summer or fall (for the northern hemisphere) of a given year (which corresponds to June – September).

What is the difference between the Jobs list and the Senior Jobs list?

These are two distinct feeds designed for two different audiences.

The Jobs list includes any position for which a newly minted Phd might be considered (Assistant, Postdoc, Visiting, Clinical Faculty, and Open Rank searches).

The Senior Jobs list highlights openings relevant to more established faculty. By default, the Senior Jobs list displays listings that consider only experienced or tenured faculty such as Advanced Assistant, Associate, Full, and Chaired Professor searches as well as searches for administrative positions such as Department Chair or Dean. Users can expand this list to include open rank and multi-rank tenure track listings.

Can I subscribe to an email digest of job listings?

You sure can! Click subscribe at the top of the page and enter your email to receive a weekly email digest of new listings added on Marketing Phd Jobs.

What is the Archive?

The archive is the historical listing of openings tracked by Marketing Phd Jobs. By default, the archive displays the most recent past market cycle. Prior market cycles can be selected, as can the posting history for a particular university.

When does a new market cycle begin?

There is no set date, rather, it depends on the volume and pace of job announcements. Typically the market cycle switch occurs in late-May or early-June each year.

For periods when two market cycles are active, new announcements for just-in-time openings will appear in the Archive (as part of the relevant market cycle).

How do I submit a job?

Click the Submit a Job button at the upper right and complete the form. Submitted positions are reviewed by a site admin prior to appearing on the site. You will receive an email confirmation when you click submit and another when the job is added.

How much does it cost to advertise on the site?

There is no cost to list positions. AMS runs as a service to the field.

Do I need to join AMS to use the site?

No. But you are invited to join a community of scholars advancing marketing! Joining AMS supports Marketing Phd Jobs and contributes to the field.




Marketing Phd Jobs was founded by Ethan Pew and Cesar Zamudio as an independent site to help coordinate the job market for candidates and hiring departments. The site launched in 2011 as a collection of links. Through generous funding support from the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS), the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), the Association for Consumer Research (ACR), and the Academy of Marketing ScienceĀ® (AMS), Marketing Phd Jobs has grown to the site that exists today.