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    November 05, 2020


SKEMA is seeking applicants for a position in MARKETING.

Rank: assistant Professor.
Starting date: September 2021.
Permanent full-time contract.

Salary and conditions are competitive, in line with international standards.


  • Hold a PhD in MARKETING or a related field, from a recognized institution
  • Have promising research prospects, visible through ongoing submissions to high-level journals
  • Do research in areas consistent with the specializations of current Faculty members
  • Demonstrate initial teaching experience in the relevant disciplinary area
  • Show awareness of teaching and learning innovation
  • Committed to service in the institution
  • Able to teach in English (knowledge of French, although not strictly required, would be appreciated – support in learning French will be offered)
  • 􏰀Be a team player with good communication skills, and a willingness to contribute to activitiesin the Academy and the Research Center


  • 􏰀Publish peer-reviewed publications in relevant top journals (according to the SKEMA journal ranking list)
  • 􏰀Teach at different levels in MARKETING
  • Supervise students at different levels (undergraduate, graduate􏰁􏰂
  • Participate in the student selection process
  • Be a good academic citizen / Commit to the life of the institution and contribute to projectsrelated to the school strategy


With 9,000 students of 120 nationalities and 48,000 graduates in 145 countries, SKEMA Business School is a global school which, through its research, its 50 teaching programmes and its international multi-site structure trains and educates the talents that 21st century businesses need. The school is now present on 7 locations: 3 campuses in France (Lille, Sophia Antipolis, Paris), 1 in China (Suzhou), 1 in the United States (Raleigh), 1 in Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and 1 in South Africa (Stellenbosch – Cape Town). Since 2019, the school has also launched many initiatives around artificial intelligence, including the creation of a research laboratory based in Montreal, one of the world’s major AI hubs.In pursuing its ambitious global project, SKEMA seeks to stay at the forefront of innovation and education. We are therefore looking for women and men who reflect the school􏰃s values􏰄 academic excellence, humanism and multiculturalism􏰅 SKEMA􏰃s Faculty comprises more than 􏰆􏰇􏰈 Professors􏰅 Their expertise allows us to provide educationalprogrammesaddressing the opportunities and challenges of a global environment. Structured around five research centers covering all major areas of business, and three Academies 􏰉 Globalisation, Innovation and Digitalisation 􏰉, SKEMA offers great career opportunities for ambitious researchers.SKEMA is multiaccredited – Equis, AACSB and EFMD Accredited EMBA. Its programmes are recognized in France (Visa, Master Degree, RNCP, CGE label), as well as in the United States (licensing), Brazil (certificação) and China.
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Members of the MINT (Market Interactions) Research Center study the complex and dynamic interactions in and between markets, consumers and society. They deploy a broad range of research methods to better understand these interactions from three different perspectives. First, they look at the relations between different stakeholders (relationality) in on-line communities, marketplace encounters, and in established and alternative market systems. Secondly, they consider the materiality of such relations (materiality) as instantiated in brands, technological interfaces, products and commons. Thirdly, they are also curious about the moral dimensions of these interactions (morality) as present in local versus global tensions, marketing managers􏰃 􏰊mis􏰂conduct, and practices of ideological contestation and resistance. By looking at these interactions, we aim to generate theoretical, managerial, and political insights toward a healthy, fair, and sustainable future.

Members of the MINT Research Center have published in top academic journals, including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management Journal, Psychology & Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Marketing Theory, and Journal of Interactive Marketing.

SKEMA Business School offers publication bonuses for peer-reviewed publications, following the French CNRS Journals Ranking list.


Applicants should send:

  • 􏰀  a curriculum vitae
  • 􏰀  a cover letter
  • 􏰀  a selection of three representative publications
  • 􏰀  a teaching statement and teaching assessments

The complete application package should be submitted in English and sent by email to:
With object: application position in MARKETING – FRANCE
Clarification questions can be directed to: