George Washington University

United States


    September 08, 2020
Dear Colleagues,

We are seeking candidates for full-time, academic research positions at the rank of post-doctoral scientist. 

This position is located in the Meaningful Open Source Indicators (MOSI) research cluster. We are especially seeking people with computational social science skills, who are interested in combating misinformation and other online harms.

We seek to answer two fundamental research questions: 1) What are the effects of misinformation and other online harms (e.g., hate speech, conspiracy theories), on democratic societies? 2) How should we prioritize efforts to combat, regulate, or counter this harmful content?
Our specific aims are:

1. Develop computational measures of key social scientific constructs that are hypothesized to shape behavior. We will develop multi-modal (image and text) measures of hate speech, gist, source provenance, and community resonance.

2. Validate these measures and the tools that generate them, using samples of human subjects

3. Annotate social and traditional media data for these constructs, to be used as training data and to measure flow between these sources.

4. Determine how repeated exposure to this
type of content shapes behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs.

If you are interested, please apply!!