Dec 14, 2016

Placement Process

Candidates on the market this year:
The placement process is ready!

A quick login will reveal a button in your profile page that says "Submit my placement info." Click that button and provide your deets. More...

Aug 10, 2015

AMA 2015

Some potentially useful info for AMA. More...

Aug 10, 2015


You probably already noticed the job board is back to a single page. That's right, we got 'er fixed. More...

Aug 03, 2015


If you checked the site yesterday (Sunday, August 2nd), you undoubtedly saw a white page and an ominous "Forbidden 403" error message. Yep. The site crashed -- sort of. More...

Jul 01, 2015

2015 Labor Market Report

The full 2015 LMR is available here:
The quick and dirty synopsis is that it's a pretty good year to be a candidate. More...

Jun 25, 2015

Timing (2015)

As the 2016 job market is getting underway, it's helpful to look at prior markets to get a sense of how many jobs are posted and when those postings show up. More...

May 04, 2015

Timeline for 2016

A few e-mails have come in asking about the 2016 market. Here's the update on where we are right now. May is sort of a tricky month in the job market cycle. There are still a handful of candidates and schools looking to create a love connection for the fall 2015 semester (i.e. three months from now). And at the same time, a handful of schools are beginning to post announcements for positions that begin fall 2016, (i.e. 15 months from now). In most cases, those are two very distinct categories of candidates/schools. More...

Mar 04, 2015

Page Break

So, you might have noticed the job board is now broken up into two pages. Yeah. It's not ideal. But apparently the single-page design was breaking the server. And ultimately, a page break is better than a broken page.

It's possible you previously ran into an error message like this one when attempting to load the main/jobs page.


Dec 10, 2014

New Feature: Jobs Button in University Profiles

I wanted to point out a small update that got pushed out recently. Each university profile now includes a "Jobs" button that toggles from contact info to a list of job records associated with the school. This prevents "double counting" on the job board when it comes to "reposted" openings while preserving access to prior announcements. Previously, old/duplicate announcements were removed to make way for the most current version of the ad. So, this is definitely an improvement. Over time, this will allow for an archival record of recruiting activity. More...

Nov 14, 2014

Timing: Market Clearing (2014)

This marks the second installment examining when candidates accept positions.
This year offers insights into both the timing of market exits and the total size of the rookie market. More...

Resources, Guides, and General Reference


Postings from prior markets are available on the "old" platform. These can be accessed using the links below.

Jobs beginning summer/ fall 2014
Jobs beginning summer/ fall 2013
Jobs beginning summer/ fall 2012

AMA Interview Scheduling Software

For search committees interviewing at AMA:
This guide explains how to use to simplify interview scheduling. Guest post from Susan Dobscha.

AMA Style Guide

You need interview attire for AMA. Here are some pointers on how to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.


The job market process can be expensive. One strategy for minimizing financial strain is to sign up for a 0% interest credit card.

Industry Options

If it's March and you don't have a job, it's time to read this. Until then, focus on landing the academic gig that's right for you.


The point of a negotiation is to calibrate a package to fit your unique set of circumstances. Here are some tips on what to ask for (and when and how to ask) as part of negotiating an offer.