Marketing Phd Jobs was established in 2011 and continues to run as a service to the field. The following Q&A provides a quick overview of how things work. 

What is Marketing Phd Jobs?

Marketing Phd Jobs organizes information about the marketing academic job market. The goal is to make useful information easy to find.

How is the site organized?

Marketing Phd Jobs tracks positions according to when the position begins. Candidates typically enter the market with a specific target start date, so that’s how we organize market cycles.

The site offers two distinct feeds. The Jobs list includes any position for which a newly minted Phd might be considered (Assistant, Postdoc, Visiting, Clinical Faculty, and Open Rank searches). This was the original focus of the site. In 2021 we added a Senior Jobs list highlights searches for tenured, senior faculty (including Department Chair and Chaired Professor searches). The publicly visible Senior Jobs list represents promoted searches. There is also a premium Senior Jobs account which provides candidates with an aggregated list of both promoted searches and publicly announced openings.

Cool. What else is on this amazing site?

On the Resources tab you’ll find the MPJ Archive and a collection of Reports. Postings from the most recent market cycle are available to all users in the Archive. Premium accounts can access the entire history of listings (searchable both by cycle and by university). The Reports section provides a history of the annual Marketing Labor Market Report (dating back to 2008). Marketing Phd Jobs has run the Labor Market Survey and Report since 2014. There are also links to AMA’s Who Went Where Reports (those are really great and produced by AMA’s DocSIG). The Reports section is one stop shopping for great info on hiring.

Do I need to create an account to use the site?

No, but you’ll probably want one. Users who create an account get an individualized dashboard to manage application workflow. New positions appear in a personal feed. You can make private notes within listings. New jobs show up in your personal feed and can be categorized as skip (not interested, next) or applied (done and done). Of course, anyone can browse job lists on MarketingPhdJobs.org.

When should I sign up for account?

Listings are organized by market cycle. So, you should sign up for an account when you’re on the market and actively sending out applications. It’s fine to sign up at other points too. But the site is designed primarily to help candidates track and manage application workflows.

For those simply monitoring openings, premium accounts include the option to receive a digest of listings in your inbox. Premium accounts are also a great way to support the site. We welcome support at any point, whether you’re on the market or not.

What’s the difference between free and premium accounts?

Free accounts focus on workflow management and are generally designed to help make things easy for those on the job market the first time. Premium accounts add a customizable email digest option, which may be helpful for those passively on the market. Premium accounts also get access to the complete MPJ Archive. So, if you want to see history on how often a school has been recruiting (since 2011) or get a sense of when different schools have announced openings historically, the archive has useful info.

For folks interested in senior faculty positions, MPJ tracks these as a premium service. The Senior Jobs account allows users to filter according to a variety of preferences (including excluding postdoc and NTT openings). This account is set to run two consecutive market cycles and includes the email digest feature.

Why does Marketing Phd Jobs charge for premium accounts?

Marketing Phd Jobs exists as a service to the field. Initial platform development was funded through generous grants from ISMS, MSI, and ACR. As the site has grown in popularity, operating and maintenance costs have grown to thousands of dollars per year. Premium accounts and features generate a modest revenue stream to cover ongoing expenses related to running the site.

How do I submit a job?

Click the Submit a Job button at the upper right and complete the form. Submitted positions are reviewed by a site admin prior to appearing on the site.

How much does it cost to advertise on the site?

There is no cost to list positions open to junior candidates. Simply submit using the “Submit a Job” button at the top, and we’ll add them (after reviewing, of course). To promote a senior faculty opening, MPJ charges a $200 listing fee. Submit these using the same form as above, and we’ll reach out with info on invoicing and payments.

Why aren’t all senior faculty postings published on the site?

While we’d love for this to be a free service, it takes a few grand per year to keep the site up and running. We landed on adding the Senior Jobs account as a premium, value-add service primarily because folks signing up for a nicely organized list of tenured jobs are presumably in a more comfortable financial position than the typical 5th year Phd student. Senior Faculty accounts are $200 and run two consecutive market cycles. Also, the email digest makes it easy to passively monitor searches focused exclusively on senior candidates.

How do I cancel my subscription?

No need! Accounts are not a subscription. If you’d like to renew a premium account, simply sign up again.

What if my questions isn’t answered here?

Send an email! Ethan: ethan.pew@mccombs.utexas.edu