Registration for the 2017-18 market cycle is open.
The new Candidate page will launch July 1.

Here’s the quick version of how things work.

  • 1. Create a candidate account. University e-mails are preferred. Gmail or other is fine as long as it matches the e-mail on your CV.
  • 2. Wait for the account approval e-mail to come through (it's a manual review process, I'll begin this on June 15).
  • 3. Login to your account on Marketing Phd Jobs and declare your candidacy.

Register now

Here’s the longer version:.

  • Step 1: Register. This involves filling out some info and uploading a CV. You'll get an e-mail that your account is waiting for approval.

    Step 2: Approval. We double check to make sure you're a real person. You'll get an e-mail in your inbox once that's done. However, reviews are a manual process, and will begin on June 15. So it won't be instantaneous. The approval e-mail will also include a link to participate in a pre-market candidate survey.

    Step 3: Log in. Hop into your profile on Marketing Phd Jobs and click the button to request a listing on the Candidates page (which will launch in July).

    Being listed on the Candidates page is optional. Of course, we encourage you to be listed on the Candidate page. This listing serves multiple functions. For one, it makes it easy for search committees to peruse profiles (some of them may even contact you to invite you for interviews). Additionally -- and perhaps more importantly -- we see the Candidates page as an opportunity for scholars to network and to identify potential collaborators. As a job market candidate you have a unique opportunity to connect with other academics, to share your research with dozens of scholars, and to tell the field what you're up to and why it's important. A public listing of emerging scholars provides a valuable supplement to the job market mechanisms already in place. It allows you to promote your work both within the field and among your cohort. Our hope is that being listed on the Candidates page leads to new and fruitful avenues of research for you.