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    August 17, 2022

Postdoctoral Researcher Position Behavioral Marketing / Consumer Psychology
Date of Entry: 1 January 2023 or later

Do you enjoy developing psychological theory of behavior within markets? 
The behavioral marketing group offers a postdoctoral researcher position for a duration of up to 6 years at the Faculty of Business and Economics. We seek an applicant who is enthusiastic about pursuing a research-oriented academic career, either in marketing or in psychology (consumer, economic, social)

Our research investigates the role of feelings and motivation in decision making. The group is directed by Prof. C. Miguel Brendl,

Your position

  • Six-year contract (two plus four years), ideally starting on 1 January 2023.
  • Prepare for a professorship in one of the above fields.
  • You need a very good command of English; German is not necessary.
  • Work collaboratively on research projects within one of the areas of the team.
  • Provide some teaching assistance (grading, exam preparation) and advise bachelor’s and master’s theses. You can define thesis topics appropriate for marketing students. You do not need to teach your own course.
  • We offer you substantial time to focus on research.
  • The salary is competitive by international standards.

Your profile

  • Doctoral degree in a behavioral science (e.g., marketing, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, experimental economics with a clear psychological focus). You have completed your degree before you begin your employment.
  • You would like to work on joint research projects and actively seek collaboration, yet take initiative in developing conceptual ideas, in mastering a literature, and in implementing projects. 
  • You want to put in the extra effort it takes to publish in premier journals.
  • You have excellent training in statistics and are skilled in conducting complex data analyses (e.g., in R), or are able to acquire these skills quickly.
  • Ideally you can implement computer-based experiments (including simple programming extensions).
  • You share your insights with your research colleagues, thus fostering a mutual learning environment.

We offer you

Behavioral marketing fuses marketing and psychology. We are unique in doing cutting-edge research in both fields (see our publications) and in mentoring in both fields. For a career in behavioral marketing, this inter-disciplinary orientation helps in providing the often-sought theoretical contribution to a marketing paper, but is also expands your opportunities to projects that are of interest to psychology journals, yet of relevance to marketing. Second, our team is couched in an environment where researchers from the Business/Economics Department and the Department for Social, Economic, and Decision Psychology maintain close cross-disciplinary ties (e.g., The behavioral marketing group plays a pivotal role in maintaining these ties, e.g., sharing its behavioral laboratory with Social, Economic, and Decision Psychology. Our group is therefore an ideal place for those who would like to bridge these disciplines, both, those with depth in business/economics who seek to deepen their command of psychology, and those with depth in psychology who seek to expand into marketing. They could then pursue a career in marketing or in consumer /economic/ social psychology. Former students of Prof. Brendl have been offered tenure-track Assistant Professor positions at globally leading business departments, such as at Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, or London Business School. Finally, Basel is an attractive place to live (; for the university:

Application / Contact

We will review applications until the position is filled. We are looking forward to your application!