Pushpinder Gill is a Ph.D. candidate in Marketing at Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University. His research interest lies in understanding how the spatial characteristics of an organization influence its market and financial performance. His dissertation uses franchising as the research context and unpacks the complex practice of multi-unit franchising by relying on a rigorous integration of theory, secondary franchising, and social media data, and econometric methods. Pushpinder has presented his research at multiple American Marketing Association conferences five times and won the best paper award twice in Inter-organizational Research Track. He was also awarded the departmental research award twice. Pushpinder defended the proposal of his three-essay dissertation successfully in April, 2020. His dissertation examines a very important but long-neglected topic in franchising: multi-unit franchising. His studies examine the performance of multi-unit franchisees from a store level as well as from a chain level using a highly unique set of data from multiple sources. Pushpinder’s first essay was invited to revise and resubmit from one of the premier journals in the marketing field (Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science). In addition to the research focus, he has diverse teaching experiences over the last ten years, educating different audiences in multiple countries. During this time, he has gained technological skills to handle both online and hybrid classes. In terms of content areas, his teaching interests include social media marketing, digital marketing, retailing, and marketing analytics. One of his ongoing ventures includes an online aptitude learning platform which has more than 100,000 student members.