Irem is a multidisciplinary academic and a marketing professional at Wayne State University. She works in international branding and consumer behavior. Her current research focuses on antecedents and consequences of global consumer culture and her dissertation entails the intersection of consumer culture theory and global branding. Presently working towards a Ph.D. in business administration at Wayne State University, Irem formerly graduated from Wellesley College with a bachelor's degree in economics and from Sabanci University with a master's degree in marketing. She previously worked at MIT with the Nobel laureate economist Esther Duflo, and at The World Bank with economist David McKenzie as a research assistant. Investing several years in the clinical side of marketing, working at Endeavor, 8digits, Startup Kitchen, BiTaksi, and Shell; and across three continents, Europe, North America, and South America; she gained a unique perspective on global identity and global marketing. Irem is also fluent in English, Turkish, and Spanish languages. Irem hopes to gain a deeper understanding of consumer psychology and conduct research in the rapidly transforming international market, comparing cultural and global movements that impact consumer thought and behavior. Irem’s latest work conducted together with Attila Yaprak from Wayne State University and Richard Bagozzi from the University of Michigan is targeted to create a more complete conceptualization of global consumer identity that is above and beyond the ingredients that have already been suggested in the literature. Specifically, by building a more comprehensive description of global identity, she is working to connect theory to the impacts of these psychographic changes on consumers’ purchase decisions. Her research has been presented at various conferences, such as the American Marketing Association, and the Academy of International Business conferences. She was awarded competitive grants for her meritorious academic work that allowed her to travel to these conferences.