Alicia Johnson is a doctoral student in Marketing at the University of Arkansas’s Walton College of Business. Broadly, her research focuses on consumer financial decision making and healthy food consumption. In the first stream, she evaluates the effects of financial service provider interactions on loan requests. Additionally, she evaluates how consumers respond to and process advertised financing offers as well as how pay frequencies influence budget setting. In the second stream, she evaluates how consumers process nutrition labels to make food purchase decisions. Armed with these insights, in her future research, she strives to develop interventions firms can implement to improve consumer well-being. Ultimately, it is her goal to conduct research that advances theory and offers practical implications firms can implement in a timely manner. Prior to joining the program, Alicia Johnson’s work spanned roles in personal finance, business management, and supply chain management. Alicia earned an MBA from Clarkson University and a BBA from SUNY Canton.