May 04, 2015

Timeline for 2016

A few e-mails have come in asking about the 2016 market. Here's the update on where we are right now. May is sort of a tricky month in the job market cycle. There are still a handful of candidates and schools looking to create a love connection for the fall 2015 semester (i.e. three months from now). And at the same time, a handful of schools are beginning to post announcements for positions that begin fall 2016, (i.e. 15 months from now). In most cases, those are two very distinct categories of candidates/schools. The person looking to find a job starting fall 2015 is hoping to avoid a second year of a job search. And the school with an opening for 2015, probably really needs someone right away and may not have approval to continue the search for 2016. The person looking to find a job in 2016 is just beginning his/her job search and will likely accept a position between October and December 2015. The schools looking to hire for 2016, won't even begin looking at application files until mid-June (at the earliest, and certainly, some schools won't post openings until mid-July).

This is why lists job openings by market cycle (rather than as a single feed). However, separating board by market cycle requires a hard switch. Given the split focus of May, it makes sense to split the month.

The 2016 Job Board will launch on May 15. The candidate registration process will begin then as well. However, the candidate page will not launch until July 1, 2015. This allows candidates plenty of time to work on their CVs and to get personal web pages in order prior to pre-AMA document review. It also allows me the opportunity to put together two different reports. Cesar and I are now conducting the annual Marketing Academia Labor Market Survey, which goes out to department chairs at 140 hiring institutions. On June 15, I'll post info from that report on the site (here's the post from last year). On July 1 (when the candidate page launches), candidates will receive a copy of the candidate productivity report (last year's version is here -- note, this report has not previously been released, though, bits and pieces have appeared in prior posts). A short summary of the 2016 timeline is below. In the meantime, do please send along thoughts on what might improve the site. We have a two week window to get some updates in place before the next market cycle picks up steam!

Timeline for 2016
May 15: 2016 Job Board will launch
June 15: Marketing Academia Labor Market Survey info will be up on the site.
July 1: Candidate page will launch. Candidates who sign up for accounts will receive a copy of the candidate productivity report.
August 14-16: AMA Summer Educator's Conference in Chicago.

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