Dec 14, 2016

Placement Process

Candidates on the market this year:
The placement process is ready!

A quick login will reveal a button in your profile page that says "Submit my placement info." Click that button and provide your deets.

Providing placement info will automatically remove you from the candidate listing.
However, it will not automatically add you to the placements page.
You will have to explicitly select whether or not you want to appear on the placements page (choice architecture FTW!).

The refresh may take up to 30 minutes due to browser caching controls -- but I promise the process works. That's it. Easy peasy.
However, if you run into issues, please e-mail to let me know:


For candidates who have not yet accepted an offer (or those just starting a search), the candidate listing will be refreshed in January. All candidates will be de-listed from January 1 through January 14. We will ask everyone searching for a position beginning Summer/Fall 2017 to opt-in for a fresh listing on the Candidate Page (which will be republished on January 15). This process ensures the candidate list includes only "active" candidates. This substantially increases the likelihood a school will reach out to invite an application or schedule an interview, and in some cases, we've heard of schools skipping straight to campus visit invites based on finding a match on the candidate page. The overarching goal of MPJ is to make the job market process easier for everyone, and