Mar 04, 2015

Page Break

So, you might have noticed the job board is now broken up into two pages. Yeah. It's not ideal. But apparently the single-page design was breaking the server. And ultimately, a page break is better than a broken page.

It's possible you previously ran into an error message like this one when attempting to load the main/jobs page.

Essentially that message means listing 475+ job ads on a single page takes more processing power than we have access to. Of course, the 2014-15 market cycle has a couple months left to go, which means we need some way of getting the next 50+ job ads on the job board. Jumping to a more powerful server would run around $1600/yr (not that we have that to spend), so we opted for the less expensive option of sticking with the current hosting service, but that requires us to break the job board into two pages (so that we're within the processing limits). It's not what I'd prefer, but it's a viable fix for the short term. This isn't our first run in with server limits, so we may need to bite the bullet at some point. But for the time being, we'll ride out the final months of the 2014-15 market cycle with a two-page job board.

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