Aug 03, 2015


If you checked the site yesterday (Sunday, August 2nd), you undoubtedly saw a white page and an ominous "Forbidden 403" error message. Yep. The site crashed -- sort of. We've been gobbling up more server bandwidth than we're paying for, and as a result, the hosting service took the site down.

In a sense, it's the same technical problem Paper Magazine ran into when Kim Kardashian #BrokeTheInternet. But there are two key differences: 1. we're smaller in scale (obviously), and 2. this isn't just a temporary issue. Eventually, people got tired of looking at KK's derriere (or at least one, specific picture) and PM's traffic went back to normal levels. In contrast, the MPJ job board is perpetually exciting and grows larger each day. And, of course, as we add more jobs to the job board, we use more bandwidth. In March, we had to set up a page break to control server usage (this was for the 2015 Job Board), and we've had to institute that again. The Job Board now loads only the 100 most recent jobs. The working plan was that we'd make it through the end of the year before we needed to deal with server usage issues for the 2015-16 market cycle, but we only got to August. Ideally, all the jobs will load quickly onto a single page. That's what we're aiming for. So, hang tight while we figure things out. We'll post another update after things are fixed or after AMA, which ever comes first.

As always send thoughts, comments, and suggestions to You can also follow me on Twitter @ethanpew or @MktgPhdJobs, though, don't expect too much. I'm not especially active, and the @MktgPhdJobs account is more or less a placeholder. But it's probably hard to find my e-mail address on when the site is down. So, please direct all positive tweets to my personal account; complaints and suggestions can be tweeted to @MktgPhdJobs. I'm pretty sure that's a good system :-)