What is Marketing Phd Jobs?

Marketing Phd Jobs consolidates publicly announced positions for marketing academics. The goal is to make useful information about the job market easy to find.

Where are postings drawn from?

Postings are aggregated from ELMAR, The Chronicle of Higher Education, HigherEdJobs, the AMA job board, various listservs, and direct submissions. In many cases, there are multiple/cross postings for positions, however, these are not tracked. The site tends to link to the first public post.

What are Source links?

A source (with link) is provided for each post. These are direct links (whenever possible) to the original ad. Links submitted directly often point directly to an application portal. However, links expire, and portals close. To ensure a record persists, a pdf copy of the original ad is provided in the Job Ad link.

What are Job Ad links?

The Job Ad link provides access to information that might otherwise be lost (misplaced file, expired post). The Job Ad link opens a pdf copy of the original ad. The pdf may or may not provide a reference to the original source for the ad.

How often is the site updated?

Typically, the site is updated every day new jobs are posted. Weekend postings are typically picked up with Monday’s update. Occasionally travel or other conflicts will result in a few days between updates, but the aim is always to get ads up as quickly as possible. The Posted On date indicates the date the listing was added to the job board on MarketingPhdJobs (even if the ad appeared elsewhere earlier). The one exception is that when a new job board launches (typically late-May or early June), Posted On dates at launch will reflect the original listing date to provide candidates with clarity on timing.

What does the Apply By date signify?

Fewer than half of job ads indicate any sort of deadline. So, when deadlines do appear, they are good to note! Of course, deadlines can indicate any number of things. Sometimes a date reflects the hard deadline by which applications must be submitted. Sometimes it is the priority deadline for full consideration. Sometimes it is the deadline to ensure consideration for an AMA interview. Sometimes it is the date application review begins. And every once in a while, job ads will specify multiple deadlines. To simplify things for the job board, we provide an Apply By date that best represents what we interpret to be the target date to ensure serious consideration. The goal is for the Apply By date to provide a useful alert to applicants, even if it is not strictly the latest date application materials could be accepted. We prefer to err on the side of getting materials in a bit too early rather than too late. An Apply By date will only be listed if there is corresponding information in the job ad, so you can always confirm the precise meaning by double checking job ads for details.

What happens if a position is reposted?

If a job announcement reappears several months after the original ad, the job board will be updated to reflect this renewal (with the prior listing dropping off). The updated listing is indexed with a "*" to clarify that it is not "new". This update procedure ensures that ongoing searches are not listed as duplicates on the job board. Sometimes an ad is reposted to expand the applicant pool. Sometimes an ad is reposted because the search is starting over. In the event you're not sure what to do for a reposted opening, it's best to e-mail the search committee chair to ask if they would like updated materials.

Do all postings show up on the site?

No. Most advertised job postings make it here -- but not all. The site focuses on tenure-track faculty openings (that consider someone at the assistant level). Postdocs, visiting, and clinical positions will also appear here, adjunct appointments and community college positions will not.

What else might I want to know?

The site is designed around a browser-oriented experience. No downloading pdfs (unless you want to), word documents, or .rtf files -- just the info you need, organized, and all in one place.

Why does Marketing Phd Jobs exist?

Prior to the Marketing Phd Jobs website, candidates independently constructed virtually identical spreadsheets of job postings as they prepared to send out packets. This seemed fairly inefficient, so in 2011 Ethan launched Marketing Phd Jobs as a public list of academic openings in marketing (he was on the market). From there, momentum picked up. John Hauser, Peter Popkowski Leszczyc, and Bart Bronnenberg from ISMS provided some phenomenal support and suggestions, which led to the addition of the candidates page. Cesar joined the team in 2013 with a vision for advancing the site further. In 2014, we took over responsibility for the annual Marketing Academia Labor Market Report from Chris Janiszewski and Geeta Menon and continue to produce a Labor Market Report each June.

How does Marketing Phd Jobs make money?

It doesn’t currently. The site was developed through generous grants from ISMS, MSI, and ACR. In 2020, we expect to introduce optional premium features for both candidates and hiring departments. Existing site features will remain free, with new services designed to generate revenue to cover hosting services, operating expenses, ongoing maintenance, and continued development.